My New Blog

Welcome to Doug Newdick’s blog about issues in the discourse between business and technology. What might that mean? In my experience there is a constant interplay between business and technology:

  • New technologies introduce new problems for businesses;
  • New technologies make new business solutions possible;
  • Businesses struggle to execute strategy effectively with technology;
  • Businesses fail to see the possibilities in technology;
  • Technologists fail to understand their businesses;
  • Business innovation requires and feeds technology innovation.

The purpose of this blog is to improve this discourse, to articulate business strategy, needs, desires and outcomes in a way that supports effective use of technology; to make the capabilities, limitations and possibilities of specific technologies comprehensible to the wider business.

Of particular interest to me is the telecommunications industry and the area of business and technology that centres on billing. I have, however extensive experience in other industries such as government, and in other business-technology intersections such as customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence – so I’ll write about those as well.


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