A Short Message About The Quake

This is just a brief post to say that I have been distracted from blogging by recent earthquake related activity. For those who don’t know, there was a devastating earthquake in Christchurch, my hometown, on Tuesday 21 February 2011. I’ve spent a couple of days worrying about and sorting out family related things – thankfully everyone is safe and relatively unscathed. Over those days I have received numerous messages of support from my colleagues, friends and acquaintances in the blogosphere and the twitterverse, which have really meant a lot.

I have also just written a guest article for 160Characters on the use of text messages in the aftermath of the earthquake entitled: SMS vital in dark hours of Christchurch earthquake. If you are interested, go there and check it out! As one of the most significant events in New Zealand’s recent history (or possibly in all of New Zealand’s short history) the earthquake will have many impacts on New Zealand society, business and technology which will no doubt inspire me to write more on the topic.


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