24 Hours of Podcasts And What That Says About Me

Last night I had just finished a walk and was reflecting on the eclectic mix of podcasts I had been listening to. I realised that the podcasts I had been listening to might reveal a lot about the things I was interested in, and possibly about me as well. So here is what I have been listening to recently, my thoughts about them, and a few questions that this raises for me.

Philosophy Bites (Episode: Experimental Philosophy). Philosophy Bites is one of my favourite podcasts. Nigel Warburton and David Edmonds create short (15 minutes) episodes based on interviews with contemporary philosophers about their current work, or important philosophical ideas from the past. I studied philosophy at university, so I am naturally interested, but you don’t need an academic background to appreciate these podcasts.

Grady Booch On Architecture (Episode: Architecture as Shared Hallucination). I don’t agree with everything that Grady Booch says – I think he over emphasises the role of code in architecture – but there is no denying that he offers great insights into all forms of architecture.

Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (Episode: Guy Kawasaki On Enchantment). This series of podcasts from Stanford University are all about different practices in entrepreneurship and innovation. Mostly they lack rigour – being based on the experiences of individual entrepreneurs and innovators – and the speakers often contradict each other, but even so there are some great stories and some really interesting ideas about innovation and leadership that one can take back and use even if you aren’t a serial entrepreneur.

CIO Talk Radio (Episode: Great Complexity Ahead). This is the first episode of CIO Talk Radio I’ve listened to and it didn’t thrill me, but it had enough interesting comment that I’d give it another go or two before making up my mind. The key thing that I’m looking to get out of this podcast is advice on translating IT into action that addresses the concerns of the CxO level.

Whatever anyone else might think that this curious selection says about me, I think that it shows the intellectual curiousity that has been a hallmark of my personal and career development, as well as an interest in how one takes theory and applies it to practical problems and solutions. I like to be self-critical and self-reflective about what I do, and getting ideas from podcasts about what works and what doesn’t is a crucial way of doing this.

So, tell me how you keep yourself abreast of new developments in your profession? What sorts of podcasts do you listen to? What do you find effective in helping you achieve your professional aims?


2 Comments to “24 Hours of Podcasts And What That Says About Me”

  1. Where’s the Doug Newdick podcast?

    • Doug Newdick podcast?! – I can barely post a blog entry every few weeks, and you want a regular audio programme? And BTW, where’s the “Chris On EA” podcast? Coming soon?

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