Telecommunications Podcast: Telesperience

This is something of a shameless plug for my friends at Telesperience, but their podcast is one of the few out there about the telecommunications industry, and about BSS/OSS in particular. I am an avid listener of podcasts – basically because it is the only way I can tolerate the boredom of exercise or commuting – but I have really struggled to find any on the subject of telecommunications or the areas of BSS/OSS. Telesperience put out – somewhat irregularly – a great series of podcasts centred on the idea of improving “operational efficiency, commercial agility and a better customer experience” (to quote their tagline) within the telecommunications industry. Topics covered include innovative OSS/BSS vendors, billing, customer experience, business intelligence and personalisation always with the focus on how and why these topics matter to operators whether from the perspective of the bottom line, or through making a difference to end customers. This podcast is highly recommended if you work in this industry and want to hear something more in-depth and thoughtful than the usual vendor PR or industry newsbites.

You can also subscribe to Telesperience through iTunes.

If you know of any other good telecommunications podcasts, let me know by adding a comment below.


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