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July 6, 2011

Data Quality Podcast: OCDQ Radio

I have recently discovered the podcast on data quality (and related matters) called OCDQ Radio. It is part of the OCDQ Blog “empire” (term used advisedly!) run by Jim Harris. What does “OCDQ” stand for? Well: Obsessive-Compulsive Data Quality, which pretty well describes Jim and his attitude towards data quality and other things data related. OCDQ Radio is exactly what I like in an enterprise IT (for want of a better label) podcast. The podcasts are in-depth examinations of particular topics related to data quality (the episodes on identity matching and master data management were particularly good). They give you a decent introduction to a topic, and then follow that up with a closer examination of specific issues in that area. If you are interested in data quality in the enterprise, and in understanding the different technologies and methods for improving it, then I would recommend you listen to this podcast.

OCDQ Radio on iTunes.