A Conceptual Architecture of End User Computing – A Retake

A while ago I posted a desktop conceptual architecture. Since then I have been doing a lot more thinking about the desktop and its overall place in the IT and business environment. So, firstly I have changed the title to an end user computing conceptual architecture (a bit more of a mouthful, but more accurate I believe). Secondly, I’ve changed my picture slightly to include security and security management in it. These were elements that I had overlooked in my original thinking.

My picture now looks like this:

End User Computing Conceptual Components

End User Computing Conceptual Components

The security component is responsible for preventing unauthorised access to the applications, data or platform. This includes securing against viruses and other malware, as well as preventing people who are not authorised getting direct access to the device or platform itself.

The security management component is responsible for providing updates to the security components, monitoring their performance (including threats/attempts detected and defeated) and enforcing any policies on those components.

I think that this picture is now reasonably complete – complete enough, at least for a high level implementation agnostic picture. A more detailed version of this component architecture would describe the responsibilities, collaborators and rationale of these components (I won’t attempt that here, but may look into it at a later date). The next level of the architecture would look at how you realise these components in particular technologies or implementations. I have been thinking about this recently, and so will post about it shortly.


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