End User Computing: It’s No Longer One Size Fits All

After looking at end user computing and desktops quite seriously for nearly a year now, I have come to a number of conclusions, but the single most important one is that one thing we can say for sure is that end user computing is no longer a case of one size fits all.

There are two aspects to this:

  • A pull from the demand side – people are demanding different devices and experiences. They will no longer settle for the locked down standard operating environment for a desktop, or the single make and model of mobile phone; and if centralised IT won’t provide what they want, they will get it from elsewhere.
  • A push from the supply side – we are seeing the technology that can deliver in a manageable fashion different models of end user devices and computing. In many cases this is the vendor and IT communities reacting to the demand side of the equation, but this reaction is reaching a level of maturity and sophistication that we can now meet that demand.

In short: the different members of an enterprise want different kinds of end user computing experiences, ones that suit their personalities and their role: they want tablets, they want individualised applications, personalisable desktops and the choice of their favourite smartphone. And IT now has the ability to deliver this in a manageable and secure fashion.


One Comment to “End User Computing: It’s No Longer One Size Fits All”

  1. This was a prescient Blog. If you are still around, your work on conceptual computing has manifested into real life. http://sphere3d.com/sphere-3d-technology/

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