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February 3, 2012

Scary Calendar Effects in Government

I am a big fan of the Obsessive Compulsive Data Quality Blog and Podcast as I have mentioned elsewhere. Jim Harris takes a different, even slightly oddball, view on issues around data quality and data management and I find his podcast interesting, thought-provoking and even entertaining. The most recent episode of OCDQ Radio that I have listened to, entitled: Scary Calendar Effects was a very enlightening discussion on the ways that business time periods impact on IT. It also included a hilarious data quality-horror skit (OCDQ meets Friday the 13th). The most obvious example of one of these calendar effects is the quarterly reporting that US publicly listed companies seem trapped in: the need to report earnings on a quarterly basis gives company boards and executives strong incentives to focus on short-term objectives at the expense of long-term ones. This can impact on the ability of IT programmes and projects (often longer term in both execution and payoff) to gain funding or attention. Jim’s examples were all from the private sector. It got me thinking about what other calendar effects are present in the government sector.

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