EMC Acquires Syncplicity

I had planned to talk about BYOD and mobile technology later in my series on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approaches, but this recent announcement from EMC cries out for a brief mention. EMC has recently acquired cloud file sharing and syncing service Syncplicity. There is some speculation in some of the news reports that this might be part of a play to improve the mobile and file sharing aspects of Documentum, an EMC document management and enterprise content management system. My hope, however, is that Syncplicity is added into the already strong VMware end user computing story. VMware’s project octopus is a very interesting story for sharing files within an organisation. It is basically a “corporate dropbox”: an on-premise solution for sharing files across multiple devices, including mobile ones, securely. At this time however, the security of the data on the device is limited. Syncplicity’s encryption and control of data in motion and at rest on the device, and while stored in the repository might just be the thing that moves octopus into an enterprise grade, secure product. Syncplicity appears to store data on the device inside some form of AES-256 encrypted container, and has a facility for independently securing and remotely wiping the container. This is a facility that octopus lacks at this time, but sorely needs. So here’s hoping that this sort of cross-pollination between the EMC family of companies and acquisitions continues.


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