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September 26, 2012

BYOD and Your Network

This is the ninth post in my series on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). In my other posts I’ve focussed on understanding what BYOD is, and the non-technology issues that you need to factor in. Here I want to think about a key technology element that could easily be overlooked: your network. If you are going to allow people to use portable devices to access your organisation’s applications and data then you need to consider the network mechanisms for enabling this. After all without network connectivity, most tablets are just expensive paperweights!

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September 25, 2012

The Chimera of Business-IT Alignment

Most of the talk in enterprise architecture circles is about business-IT alignment. By which I take it that we mean that IT should not prevent the rest of the organisation’s attempts to meet its goals, follow its strategies and deliver its outcomes. Or, more strongly, that IT should directly contribute and support the rest of the organisations attempts to follow the strategies, meet the goals, and deliver the outcomes. These are laudable aims, but to my mind if we pursue this too narrowly we may miss the bigger issue: there is no use seeking business-IT alignment if we don’t have business-business alignment. In other words, you cannot achieve business-IT alignment, if the business is not aligned with itself. If different parts of the business are not aligned we will find we don’t have IT aligned with itself causing conflict and inefficiencies; parts of IT may well be aligned with parts of the business, it will necessarily come into conflict with those other parts of the business that are in conflict with the first part of the organisation we have been focussing on.

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September 18, 2012

Some BYOD and Mobility Resources

This is just a brief post – the eighth in my Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) series – to mention some good resources on mobility and BYOD that enterprise IT professionals should be aware of, especially if you work in government ICT (in whatever jurisdiction).

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September 11, 2012


This is my seventh post on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initatives. I have explored a number of issues about how you you can do it, and what you can do, but I haven’t yet talked about why you might be looking at BYOD. There are several reasons why an organisation might want to explore BYOD. Understanding the drivers behind your organisation’s BYOD initiative is the key to delivering a successful one.

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September 9, 2012

The Kindle Fire HD Launched This Weekend – What Are You Doing About It?

Amazon have just announced their new tablet – the Kindle Fire HD. This follows on from the Kindle Fire which has rapidly become the second most popular tablet in the world after the iPad according to IDC – despite only be ing sold in the USA! Why is this interesting? Well, finally Apple have a real competitor in the tablet market and, I’m sorry Microsoft but it isn’t the Surface. What makes the Amazon Fire genuinely competitive with the Apple devices is what made the iPad the market dominator that it is today – the accompanying ecosystem. With the Amazon Kindle Fire HD the ecosystem is different – and that is why it is a genuine (and very interesting) challenger in a way that Microsoft, Google or Samsung will never be.

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