The Kindle Fire HD Launched This Weekend – What Are You Doing About It?

Amazon have just announced their new tablet – the Kindle Fire HD. This follows on from the Kindle Fire which has rapidly become the second most popular tablet in the world after the iPad according to IDC – despite only be ing sold in the USA! Why is this interesting? Well, finally Apple have a real competitor in the tablet market and, I’m sorry Microsoft but it isn’t the Surface. What makes the Amazon Fire genuinely competitive with the Apple devices is what made the iPad the market dominator that it is today – the accompanying ecosystem. With the Amazon Kindle Fire HD the ecosystem is different – and that is why it is a genuine (and very interesting) challenger in a way that Microsoft, Google or Samsung will never be.

But what does this mean from an enterprise IT perspective? Well, firstly it will create greater pressure on organisations to allow BYOD – the Kindle Fire HD will reach people who the iPad didn’t by virtue of the services that Amazon sell and bundle with it. Secondly, if you are basing your BYOD or mobility strategy on a single platform – usually Apple iOS – then you are now running a significant risk that you have painted yourself into a corner. If you are looking at mobility or BYOD, think very carefully about platform and technology selection, as investing too heavily in a platform that cannot support the Kindle Fire HD may very well be a bad bet indeed. Thirdly, it reinforces something that I have been saying for over a year now – the market and technology in the mobility and consumer IT space is moving so fast that you would have to be very brave or foolish to bet on it working out in a particular way. Instead, you should adopt an approach that is flexible and can adapt to whatever surprises the future may hold.

These are interesting times to be working in this space, that’s for sure!


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