Seize the Opportunity and Ride the Wave with BYOD

This is my tenth post on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). I hear lots of bemoaning of BYOD – the old joke about “bring your own disaster” – and how it is just being done to support executive toys. My view: so what?! Implementing BYOD is the right thing to do for most organisations. If you can ride the wave of executive demand and deliver something that improves the security and usability of IT in your organisation…what are you waiting for?! Go do it! If you are doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. One of the great things about BYOD is that it addresses a number of quite different concerns. It can solve a user demand issue, while at the same time making significant improvements to your organisation’s security. So, if you are an enterprise IT or security professional – don’t complain that some people in your organisation just want shiny new toys. Take the opportunity to deliver something worthwhile – a BYOD capability that actually addresses your pain points.


2 Comments to “Seize the Opportunity and Ride the Wave with BYOD”

  1. You are forgetting an aspect on this topic, IT investment budgets are squeezed tightly these days (atleast here in europe) and investing in BYOD solutions will push something else into the future that MIGHT be of more importance than supporting executive toys as you phrase it. I agree totally about your general view on riding the wave and improving security but im getting pissed at having to invest in halfbaked MDM/BYOD solutions at this point in time, when the reasonable thing would be to wait until proper solutions exists in the market and use the time/resources right now on something that is likely to bring REAL business benefits.. Atleast this is my view and im sticking to it 😉

    • I understand your point – but I think that these are solutions that can deliver real business value, at least if they are done right. They can deliver some great business tools, and significantly improve security. However, you are right, if the rush to satisfy the executive toy demand leads to a half-baked solution then we have wasted the opportunity. So, perhaps my view is best described as ride the wave and ensure that the project delivers the right thing, rather than something that just meets that simple executive demand.

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