NZ Government Issues End User Computing Reference Architecture

Last week (28 September 2012) New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs issued its end user computing reference architecture: The GEA-NZ Viewpoint: COE Reference Architecture.

The statement accompanying the reference architecture states:

The COE Reference Architecture introduces a common language, frame of reference and set of standards for agencies’ desktop migration and upgrade strategies. It is expected that government agencies and vendors will utilise the reference architecture.

Agencies that are yet to migrate from Microsoft Windows XP should use the reference architecture to inform the design and build phases of their deployment, ensuring consistency across the desktop platform. Agencies that have already migrated are encouraged to use the reference architecture as a checklist to make sure their solutions are comprehensive.

As one of the authors of this reference architecture, I am extremely proud of this. Not only has the New Zealand government made a significant move towards addressing the issue of migrating off XP and Office 2003, but it has been published  openly under a creative commons licence for anyone to consume or use.

I hope that this won’t be the last such artefact that the New Zealand government publishes.


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