A Presentation for a Workshop on BYOD Policy

I recently ran a workshop on developing BYOD policies to a group of education sector ICT professionals. It was a great chance to socialise my ideas, thinking and recommendations and get some feedback from people who were actively working on and engaged with this subject. As part of the workshop I decided to organise my thoughts as a presentation, and decided to use Prezi as the way to present my thoughts to the group. I wanted to do this partly as an experiment with Prezi, which I had heard was a great presentation tool, and partly to illustrate the point that the reason that people are demanding BYOD is that the tools that they have available to them as consumers (whether on devices or as cloud services) are often more powerful or more useful and usable than those provided by corporate IT. Prezi is a case in point – it is certainly far superior as a presentation tool to MS Powerpoint – a tool I have come to loathe. It is also a cloud service, and so neatly illustrates the point about how easy it is to lose control of your data in this era of the consumerisation of IT. So, if you are interested in BYOD or creating BYOD policies, please check my presentation out.


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