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October 27, 2015

A Presentation on ICT for Lawyers

This post is a summary of a presentation I gave to a group of lawyers on ICT fundamentals. It represents my own opinion, and not that of my employers or anyone else! I apologies for it being so wordy – but a lot of material was covered.

My presentation walked through some fundamental concepts in ICT, some major trends that are shaping ICT, and how ICT organisations are evolving. The aim is to give a plain english summary to allow ICT lawyers to have sensible conversations about ICT to support the work that they do with ICT professionals. In my view ICT may be hard to do, but it is not hard to understand. At the end of each topic I will include my own personal view.

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November 5, 2013

NZ Government Announces Desktop as a Service

Exciting news (for me anyway)! Last Friday, November 1 2013, the New Zealand Government Chief Information Officer (Colin MacDonald, Chief Executive of the Department of Internal Affairs) announced that the New Zealand government had negotiated contracts for the supply of Desktop as a Service (DaaS). 

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October 23, 2013

What Is the Difference Between Privacy and Security?

When talking with people about privacy and information security I often come across a common misconception – that there is nothing more to privacy than security, or that the two are roughly the same.  In particular this often comes up in discussions around the use of cloud services where people seem to think that if they address security issues with cloud services, then there is nothing more to do from a privacy perspective.

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October 1, 2013

What Does Cloud Mean For Your Corporate Network?

If you are looking at a significant use of cloud computing, have you considered what this might mean for your network? Corporate networks are an often overlooked factor when thinking about cloud computing. The problem is that cloud computing increases the criticality of your network, because if your network isn’t available then your cloud services aren’t either.

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September 26, 2013

Cloud and Consumerisation Have Changed the Desktop Forever

This blog post is sponsored by T-Systems and the Zero Distance community.

Cloud and the consumerisation of IT have changed the face of end user computing, and the desktop in particular irrevocably.

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April 16, 2013

Take A Better Look At Cloud Risks

If you have ever had a debate about whether your organisation should use cloud computing  then a discussion of the risks of cloud computing will have been a significant part of it. In doing so, we often fall into a simple logical trap.

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March 17, 2013

Cloud and Continuity of Supply Risk

This rather amusing article in Slate appeared in my LinkedIn feed – Google Reader Joins the Graveyard of Dead Google Products. The article invites you to leave a flower on the grave of your favourite dead Google product. The startling thing is how many there are: 39 by their count! The lesson that I draw from this is not that Google kill off a lot of products, it is that with cloud computing we must account for the risks around continuity of supply, and specifically that continuity of supply risks are not solely due to companies failing.

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December 11, 2012

Poor Information Security Can Lead to Tragedy

What do Kate Middleton and, Apple and the Ministry of Social Development have in common? Poor information security leading to tragedies. They also show that information security has as much to do with culture as it does with technology.

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May 28, 2012

EMC Acquires Syncplicity

I had planned to talk about BYOD and mobile technology later in my series on Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approaches, but this recent announcement from EMC cries out for a brief mention. EMC has recently acquired cloud file sharing and syncing service Syncplicity. There is some speculation in some of the news reports that this might be part of a play to improve the mobile and file sharing aspects of Documentum, an EMC document management and enterprise content management system. My hope, however, is that Syncplicity is added into the already strong VMware end user computing story. VMware’s project octopus is a very interesting story for sharing files within an organisation. It is basically a “corporate dropbox”: an on-premise solution for sharing files across multiple devices, including mobile ones, securely. At this time however, the security of the data on the device is limited. Syncplicity’s encryption and control of data in motion and at rest on the device, and while stored in the repository might just be the thing that moves octopus into an enterprise grade, secure product. Syncplicity appears to store data on the device inside some form of AES-256 encrypted container, and has a facility for independently securing and remotely wiping the container. This is a facility that octopus lacks at this time, but sorely needs. So here’s hoping that this sort of cross-pollination between the EMC family of companies and acquisitions continues.

May 1, 2012

The USA’s Double Standards on Cloud Data Residency

A recent article on ReadWriteWeb reminded me of  one of the more annoying sources of noise about cloud computing – the double standards of US government agencies and companies around cloud data residency. On the one hand US government agencies complain that other countries are discriminating against its cloud service providers by raising legitimate concerns about data privacy in the US, while at the same time as making Google create special government clouds which keep all data in the US.

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