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March 17, 2013

Cloud and Continuity of Supply Risk

This rather amusing article in Slate appeared in my LinkedIn feed – Google Reader Joins the Graveyard of Dead Google Products. The article invites you to leave a flower on the grave of your favourite dead Google product. The startling thing is how many there are: 39 by their count! The lesson that I draw from this is not that Google kill off a lot of products, it is that with cloud computing we must account for the risks around continuity of supply, and specifically that continuity of supply risks are not solely due to companies failing.

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September 9, 2012

The Kindle Fire HD Launched This Weekend – What Are You Doing About It?

Amazon have just announced their new tablet – the Kindle Fire HD. This follows on from the Kindle Fire which has rapidly become the second most popular tablet in the world after the iPad according to IDC – despite only be ing sold in the USA! Why is this interesting? Well, finally Apple have a real competitor in the tablet market and, I’m sorry Microsoft but it isn’t the Surface. What makes the Amazon Fire genuinely competitive with the Apple devices is what made the iPad the market dominator that it is today – the accompanying ecosystem. With the Amazon Kindle Fire HD the ecosystem is different – and that is why it is a genuine (and very interesting) challenger in a way that Microsoft, Google or Samsung will never be.

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